Positive Puppy & Dog Training Classes and Behavior Consulting in Sacramento, CA or remotely via Zoom.

Teen & Adult Dog Training Classes

Think beyond traditional obedience dog training. You want more.

Learn how to help your dog actually enjoy working with you beyond the class setting, and into every aspect of your life while your bond of trust deepens.

Feeling frustrated, fed up and fatigued?

Our program will help you feel competent, confident and content with your well trained dog.

  • Do walks with your dog feel like a drag? Our dog training will teach you how to dance through life together. 
  • Is your dog disconnected and independent? We’ll make training so enjoyable that your dog will beg you for more. 
  • Does your dog run away when you call her? Our recall games turn you into the best place to be.

You and your dog will transform into a dynamic team in our complete 12 week course.

Level 1 – Teen & Adult Dog Training – Beginner Class

Wednesdays @ 5:00 PM
4 weeks, $200

Intro to basic dog training and foundation skills for adolescent/adult dogs 5 months and up.

This class introduces everything needed for a well-trained dog: focus, attention, control, and last but not least, fun!

You’ll learn the basics, such as sit, down, stand, hand target, to go mat, and attention cues. Plus, how to apply these skills to achieve harmony in your home and daily life.

Even if your dog has taken other dog training classes, this class is a prerequisite for the higher level classes.

Level 2 – Teen & Adult Dog Training – Intermediate Class

Wednesdays @ 6:00 PM
4 weeks, $200

Prerequisite: Teen & Adult Dog Beginner

Building on your foundations from the first level class, we’ll dive further into focus and attention to cues for reliability in a world of distractions. 

We’ll introduce valuable real-world skills like leash manners, stay and release, 4 on the floor (no jumping), and recall (come when called).

You’ll also learn how and when to fade out food lures and begin to build really reliable behaviors.

Level 3 – Teen & Adult Dog Training – Advanced/Rally

Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM
4 weeks, $200

Prerequisite: Teen & Adult Dog Intermediate

Furthering your skills from the second level class, we’ll focus on carefully adding more complex work at an appropriate level for your dog, while reducing the use of food rewards.

We’ll explore alternative ways to reward your dog and grow their off-leash reliability. In fact, reliability is the focus in this class as we systematically generalize and proof your dog’s specific skills. We’ll get super recalls and focus with added distractions to get them ready for their life of adventures with you!

Why take dog training classes with Canefida?

You learn skills and gain confidence

Our classes focus on building YOUR training and handling skills so you can efficiently and effectively train your dog to reliability and learn how to problem-solve in your real life outside of class, through our expert guidance.

Your dog is your partner in learning

Dog training involves clear communication in a way that your dog can understand, and equally important, it involves you listening to your dog’s subtle language through observation. In this way we can adapt to each dog’s needs, specific temperament and style of learning.

Human and dog friendly training

We bring you the most current training techniques used by respected animal trainers all around the world. We use highly effective, positive reinforcement methods and work to create a fun and joyful training environment for optimal learning for both you and your dog.

 We will never use pain, fear, shock, choke or startle in our training and you’ll see that these aren’t even needed for reliable results.

Classes are held at Pet Food Express in Land Park next to Raley’s.

4710 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95822

Frequently Asked Questions

What vaccinations does my teen or adult dog need before they can attend the class?

All dogs must be current on DHPP and Rabies. Vaccinations must be administered by a licensed veterinarian.

Please bring proof of current vaccinations to the first class. 

What should I bring to class?
  • Bring proof of their current vaccines to the first class.
  • Six-foot leash, made of cotton, nylon, or leather (no retractable please) and a flat or martingale collar that your puppy or dog can’t slip out of.
  • In addition, you may use a body harness but your dog should still wear a collar. For dogs over 15 pounds, leashes should be attached to a harness with a front/chest clip, not on the back for better control. Correction collars including choke, prong, pinch collars, or electronic collars are not allowed under any circumstances.
  • Please bring their kibble and some higher value meat based food treats for your dog (small, soft treats broken into pea-sized pieces work best), a water dish, tug toy and poop bags.

The beginner class is food lure/reward-based, so for best results, make sure your dog is a little bit hungry. We will be training with their regular meal so they shouldn’t eat right before class. We’ll introduce other rewards such as toys and play in the higher level classes.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held inside Pet Food Express store:

In Land Park at 4710 Freeport Blvd Suite 110, Sacramento, CA 95822 and

How many dogs will be in class with us?

A minimum of 2 dogs are required for a class to run with a maximum class size of 8 dogs.

My dog is fearful of and/or reactive to other dogs or people - should I enroll in a class?

The class setting is for dogs that are comfortable being around new people and dogs. If your dog is afraid (shakes, hides or refuses food) of people or other dogs and/or reactive (barks, growls, lunges, snaps) you and your would benefit from our private behavior consulting services

What if I miss a class?

In order to keep the class size small and consistent we do not offer make-ups. If your dog is unable to attend the class you are welcome to come to class and participate in the discussion and observe the exercises without your dog.

What is the class refund policy?

A full refund will be given if the request is sent to woof@canefida.com at least 7 days before the start of the first class.

What is the class COVID 19 policy?

Current local, state and federal laws will be followed related to COVID-19 and CDC recommendations will be followed. 

At this time, mask wearing is optional.

What Our Clients Say…

Wonderful with dogs but also amazing at teaching the humans!”

 I cannot say enough wonderful things about Heidi! Not only is she wonderful with dogs but also amazing at teaching the humans on the other end of the leash!


Best trainer I’ve found by far. Heidy has helped me as a veterinarian understand how a pet’s behavior develops which has improved my ability to treat other’s pets and also to help me train my own pets. For seven years she has been helping me increase my enjoyment of my pets and my client’s pets. Plus her classes are a lot of fun!

~Valerie (Veterinarian)