Positive Puppy & Dog Training Classes and Behavior Consulting in Sacramento, CA or remotely via Zoom.

Register for Level 1 – Puppy Beginner

Mondays @ 5:00 PM
4 sequential week classs, one hour per week, $200

Pet Food Express, 4710 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA
In Land Park near Raley’s

**Note: For puppies ages 10-18 weeks on the first day of class, no exceptions.

Dogs older than 18 weeks are not appropriate for off leash play with the younger puppies and will be sent home or moved to the adult class and not refunded. If you are unsure of your puppy’s age, please email your instructor at woof@canefida.com to discuss.

**All puppies attending class must be current on vaccinations and deworming. Puppies under 16 weeks must have at least one DHPP at least 7 days before first class. Puppies 18 weeks old should have at least 2 DHPP vaccines and Rabies.

**While your puppy is attending this Level 1 class, please do not take your puppy to places such as dog parks, boarding kennels, dog shows or anywhere they may have exposure to distember and parvo, even if your puppy has completed their vaccination series.  Our puppy classes need to be a safe place for all the puppies in the class and they are not fully vaccinated in this class.

Please review class polices before registering.

This foundation class gets you started on teaching you how to safely socialize your puppy for a solid and emotianially stable family compantion while introducing basic training skills for a lifetime of good manners.

Learn how to appropriately moderate puppy play by reading body language to know when to assist and how.

Our lively discussions in class cover important topics such as house training, puppy biting, chew-toy training to prevent household destruction, alone time training to prevent separation anxiety, exercises to help your puppy feel comfortable when visiting the vet and groomer, and more. Plus, you’ll have fun with your puppy!

Puppy Beginner

Mondays, 5:00-6:00 PM

Next 4 week class starts:
>>April 22, 2024


    Pet Food Express, 4710 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento.
    Land Park neighborhood in the Raley’s shopping center.