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What Canefida Clients Say…

she has taught the dog and us how to accommodate one another’s needs

My wife and I love English cockers, but the only puppy we could find was field-bred, and we had no experience with such dogs. Luckily, our vet recommended Heidi Hurdy of Canefida, and she has taught the dog and us how to accommodate one another’s needs.

Because he was bred to be a hunting dog, he needs a wider range on walks, and Heidi has helped us have enjoyable walks and trips to the park through a lot of positive reinforcement. She has made our lives much richer by training our dog to respond, to walk calmly, to return when called, and by training us how to do this with a dog bred for much more open fields.

We have a happy, loving, and responsive dog, and we couldn’t be happier with his trainer.