Positive Puppy & Dog Training Classes and Behavior Consulting in Sacramento, CA or remotely via Zoom.

Are you ready for the best life with your canine friend?

Whether you’re establishing your relationship with a new puppy or dog, or find yourself struggling with serious dog behavior problems, I can help.

Canefida offers dog training solutions for every breed and age, from puppies to seniors.

Our programs help you and your dog connect and build a lasting relationship using kind and effective methods for satisfying results.

Puppy Classes

For puppies starting at ages 10-18 weeks only.

Our Complete Puppy Program is designed to give your puppy the best start for a full life as a happy, well-mannered dog.

Our group puppy classes provide safe, rich socialization, including closely moderted play with other puppies, helps prevent common behavior problems, and teaches basic training foundations.


Teen & Adult Dog Classes

For dogs starting the program at ages 5 months and older.

Watch your dog transform week to week and feel your confidence grow.

This 12 week group program starts by building solid training foundations, then progresses to advanced skills so that you can have a dog you are proud to take out and about and enjoy living with.

Advanced Behavior Consulting

Individual private sessions to address dog behavior concerns such as dog to human or dog to dog aggression, reactivity, fear, anxiety, and alone time problems.

We’ll take a deep dive into your dog’s experience to get to the root of the behavior conserns.

Held at your home in the Sacramento area or anywhere in the US via Zoom.

Thinking beyond traditional “obedience training.”

Of course, you want a dog that’s easy to live with – one that has manners in the house and is a pleasure to take out and about.

At Canefida, you are invited to think beyond traditional “obedience training” – because you want more for your companion.

Learn how simple it is to enrich your dog’s life while meeting your goals as well. You’ll learn how to bring out the best in your canine friend while bringing out the best in you.

Hi, I’m Heidi Hurdy!

My job is to help you achieve your training and behavior goals with your family dog so you can savor every stage of their lives.

As a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant with over 14 years of professional experience, I have helped countless families enjoy peaceful, satisfying relationships with their canine friends.

What Our Clients Say…

“She is always kind and compassionate, putting the dog first and doing it in a way that the dog learns quickly while also loving the learning”

Heidi has been a lifesaver! We adopted an approximately 1 year-old German shepherd mix from the shelter a little over a year ago. When we arrived home, we knew we were in over our heads as we discovered that Moxie lunged and barked at cars and most sounds in the house. We called Heidi, who was recommended by the shelter. Heidi is a master of canine behavior and communication, and gently guided us in how to work with our dog’s personality and natural breed traits so that we saw rapid improvements. In just our first session, we had a breakthrough around Moxie’s fixation on our car. We took private lessons in the beginning because Moxie was also dog-reactive and we didn’t have enough skills to work under the distraction of a group setting. We’ve recently begun group lessons with Heidi at Pet Food Express. Watching Heidi with other dogs just affirms how strongly I recommend her for any dog training issue. She is always kind and compassionate, putting the dog first and doing it in a way that the dog learns quickly while also loving the learning. Thank you, Heidi! We would never have made it this far without your expertise and guidance.



Heidi is amazing! I can’t imagine using anyone else for my dog’s training.  I’m a first-time dog parent and my mixed-breed rescue was having a lot of problems adjusting when he entered my life.  Fear of humans was high on the list, as well as the usual housing training, inappropriate chewing and separation anxiety.  I asked four people in the pet profession for a recommendation for a good trainer, and every one of them recommended Heidi!  She has been fantastic.  She really helped my dog overcome the anxiety of meeting new humans and dogs.  She also found a way to make my dog feel comfortable with my senior-aged parents who move in an unfamiliar manner for my dog. Heidi has been very effective at finding creative solutions to resolve my dog’s undesired behaviors.

All my family, friends and neighbors who initially met my dog can’t believe this is the same dog – he’s more confident, comfortable around humans and other canines, and behaves appropriately in different situations – all within a short time.  I’d recommend Heidi for anyone’s dog training needs.

~ Greg

I wish we had met Heidi a long time ago. She is the best dog trainer we have ever known. A complete style of training that’s based on positive reinforcement and observation but most importantly learning to read and understand your dog and responding in a way that is most helpful. With some time and commitment your dog will become part of your family and you’ll wish you had met Heidi earlier too.